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Story of Share Market

Thursday, July 24, 2008

When we talk about market or business we can not escape with Share Market. We know, nowadays share market is the process of money and same for being a poor man. The market is much flexible. However, people wants to invest their money in share market. They think it is the fast way to grow money and became a rich person.

So, in Indian context there are a story of Share Market. We know, the year of 2007 was boom for Indian share market. It was just double in its growth. It was broke its record of about 20 years. And in some months it grew as a tremendous and exiting progress.

I am talking about that share market growth which was on boom on 2007. Indian business man was crazy and investment in share was like blowing wind. This is the time when rupees gain and dolor loose. In this respect Indian outsourcing companies was down and employer of that company were fired.

Now, the situations again is same. Now, the share market gain is down and dolor going up. I time was the growing of dolor when Iraq war was in process and America dominance was on Oil of Iraq. Rupees up cause was Indian growing economy by the expert of share markets. But I think it was not real. The real cause was loans. Loans was provided by the bank that is why the market liquidated and growth of share market gone in boom.
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