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Real Cause of Financial Problem

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am talking here global financial problem not only Indian financial problem. We know the financial problem of 1929 when the world was in defecate and company were closed tremendously. The financial problem brought 2nd world war also along with to solve financial problem.

At 1st we have to discuss about what is the financial problem. In my point of view it is actually market crisis and products selling problem in the market. Financial problem in its real meaning is not only sensex down it is consumer problem also.

Due to market problem all the things price goes down. But now, we can see there are no any products which prices are down. In the special context of India, market is very slow. The money value is much down in the context of Dollor.

In spite of the products prices are going high. Then we have to think what is the real problem now in the market.

I think the history will clear its scenario. All the things are not clear which is real that profit of company going higher and higher but all the companies announcing that they are in market problem.

What will happen if the market goes down like this?
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