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Villages are on the web with Bharti Airtel and Twitter

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recently, Bharti Airtel signed a big business agreement with Twitter. The business agreement was for SMS tweets. Now the customers of Bharti Airtel will be able to access web by SMS. A customer can reach on web – Twitter by his mobile services.

Bharti Airtel has done the biggest deal with about 110 million subscribers. We should know that mobile subscribers are larger than web users. There are about 1 billion users on the web while there are about 4 billion customers on the mobile services.

Twitter is the world’s largest web to share and discovers what is happening across the world right now. This is micro bloging site which is based on the web 2.0 concept. People interact on the site to share and discover whatever they are doing right now. The concept of Twitter is very unique so, it has already derived millions of people.

People access the web by their mobile also. Now, whole customers of Airtel from India will be able to access twitter web to share their thought and discovering things or to connect with friends.

Mr. Atul Bindal who is the President of Mobile Services in Bharti Airtel Ltd said about the agreement, “We are delighted to introduce the globally popular Twitter service to Airtel users. We have always believed in bringing the best and most innovative services from across the world first for our users. With social media becoming immensely popular in India and across the world, we now empower the Airtel customer community of over 110 million to follow or provide tweets while on the move and at their convenience.” So, the Airtel is targeting to give their customers a new and innovative service.

On the other hand, Biz Stone who is the Co-Founder of Twitter said, “Twitter has mobile DNA given its initial design focusing on the ubiquity of SMS. Working with world class network operators, such as, Bharti Airtel is essential for Twitter to build a valuable messaging platform that facilitates the open exchange of information.”

To register the service, Airtel users can SMS ‘Signup’ to short code 53000. This is same for new users and existing users. Both will be charged Rs. 1. The service is live from 15th October, 2009. There are no charges for receiving an SMS.

This business agreement of Bharti Airtel and Twitter will derive millions of new users on the web. This service will connect villages also on the web. Now, web will be more about and for people.
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