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India Celebrates Victory of People at India Gate on the Achievement of 3 Demands of Jan Lokpal Bill

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celebration at India Gate
Today is a special day for almost every Indian. Anna Hazare breaks his fast at 10:19 morning. He took coconut water and honey from two girls – Ikra and Simran. Ikra belongs to a Muslim community while Simran is a Dalit girl.

Anna Hazare tried to establish a social balance from his stage in the country. It was necessary because it was not a fight for socialist society. Dalit girl indicates the policy of satisfaction on the surface of democratic political drama.

It was the victorious Sunday today. Middle class has written a new story of peaceful movement in India. It was nothing but a pre-planned achievement to emphasize bureaucracy. It was a fight for an independent bureaucracy like judiciary to run the democracy. What have done judiciary for the people of India in last 65 years?

If a democracy runs by bureaucracy than what will you say it? Is democracy or bureaucracy? Why people of India don’t believe on their own leader? Do they think beyond the democracy?

Yes, they think beyond the existing democracy. They need a socially balanced society. They are thinking about equality for everyone.

These are not the issues of Jan Lokpal Bill but the people of India are thinking about it in their future. Today, a great celebration was organized at India Gate, Delhi in the achievement of 3 demands of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Thousands of supporters are seen at India Gate. The mobs celebrated the victory of people of India. It was the victory of Anna Hazare and his team for middle class society. They already have addressed to bring some other topic to make a new India.

In the whole scenario, Swami Agnivesh is trapped against Anna Hazare. A video brings his reality to the people of India. But overall, the whole movement gave a jerk to the society to think about a beyond the democracy.
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