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Indian Property Market Booming

Thursday, September 10, 2009

There is a boom in Indian property market now. It is not the crisis of 2008 now in Indian property market. The market has settled again after Union budget 2009-2010. Now, the property market has made significance around the world.

Recently, sprawling Cuffe Parade flat was sold out in about Rs 93,000 per square foot. It was the second highest deal in Mumbai property market. The first highest deal was at Rs 97,842 per square foot for a flat at NCPA Apartments. A flat has been sold on 19th floor in Rs 28 crore which is about 3,000 sq ft in size but still identity of the buyer is unknown.

A record in residential flats had been made in November, 2007 which was country largest deal in Rs 97,842 per square foot or Rs 34 crore. This was four-bedroom flat at NCPA Apartments at the Nariman Point end of Marine Drive.

So, these are the recorded deal of Indian property market which was dealt by property dealers for NRI. According to the property sources it was jack up prices and ridiculous limits deal.

Now there is a question – is really the property market booming in India or is it exceptional only? Yes, these can be exceptional but reality is very close to its. Indian property market is booming after April, 2009.

There is a great chance of growth in Indian property market. Government has liquidated its money to users and banks have made very easiest process of loan on lowest interest rates. These are the some steps which have been taken from government to solve crisis of Indian market.

Yes, in this process there is single location to invest by users – property and real estate market. So, there is logical way to boom Indian property market but we can’t ignore exception also.
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