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Union Budgets 2009-2010 Proclaimed the Development of Indian Villages

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Union Budgets 2009-2010
Till now, we all aware about union budgets 2009-2010. Yesterday, Pranab Mukherjee presents his 4th budgets in Parliament. Everything was not clear by that budget because presentation was not complete. But now, we have lots of data to analyze the reality of union budgets 2009-2010.

As per the statement of Pranab Mukherjee, “single budget can’t solve our all problems” is clear that he wants to say something more beyond the budget. PM has welcomed this and said that it will develop Indian rural areas. It is the positive budgets and we should welcome it. Lalu Yadav also welcomed the union budgets and said the budget has signified villages.

Congress Party says that the budget is for “Aam Admi”. Let’s see what the reality of the budget is.

If we run through the data then we will find easily there is nothing to stop recession and unemployment. Government has allocated a big amount for NREGA but what about those youth and young who are unemployed? By the NREGA they will give only 100 days guarantee. But what about remaining 265 days? Every year software industry is going in vain; every year lakh of youth being unemployed but government is doing nothing.

Another reality, government has said that every year 1.2 crore employment will be created. But what types of employment, for whom is not clear?

There is a big allotment for common wealth games also but there is nothing to stop higher prices. Every year government announces to reduce electronics prices but still I am waiting for that. There is nothing on the basic education.

Government will try to achieve 9% GDP growth but common people are looking for a job to survive their life. IT sector which cover more than 50% economy, there is nothing about that sectors employees.

Exemption limits have been raised minimal of 10000 for men and women. I think there is nothing for common people even for youth and young also which are base of the country. A large amount of money will be spent in the budget – 10.20 lakh crore.

From my point of view the union budget is for industrialists and capitalists not for common people. Common people will get only a drop of total economy.
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