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Recession is for longer time in Economical Development

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Recession is not a problem of a short period but also it is problem of longer economical crisis. When we see Indian economy we found that year 2006-2008 recognized as economical development but in real it was not a development. In the capital development there was a seed of economic crisis. Many people are giving many theories but no one talking about capital crisis.

The recession is actually the crisis of capital. The cycle of capital not running easily because over productions have created the crisis. It is the basic things of capitalist systems. Before proceeding towards recession we should know about the capital and economic cycle.

Everyone knows that currently we have been living in market society. Not in a human society where everyone works to satisfy requires of each others. In the market society to survive our live we need a job. But for that job we return more production to our boss. The accumulation of that production increases day by day like Indian economy of 2006-2008. After the huge accumulation we find two pole – one is capital accumulation and another is society without money.

All the analysts of economic crisis are giving the theory to solve the problem for a while but no one wants to solve it permanently because they don’t want. Why they don’t want? They have accumulation of capital and they want to run the society by their market but in the higher stage of capitalism-imperialism there is need to change the society by people not by politician and not by the voting system.

Economic crisis can be solved by the people revolution otherwise the society will run in the crisis. Economic crisis bring the social crisis actually. We can see the cut off jobs, shutting down companies, distortion of technologies etc. All these are the value of society but the society is in the crisis. In the crisis of society we have to see – frustration, madness, robberies, communalism etc. So, there is only one option to stop recession – either change the society or go to hell.
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